Vic Clevenger

We’re Starting to Open

Every state is now in the process of opening back up. Some are farther along than others but opening none the less. It’s also a welcomed sight to see restaurants welcoming diners back to their establishments. As much as all of us love to cook at home sometimes it’s just nice to go in someplace, whether a favorite or a new experience, and sit down to eat. So, it’s nice to drive through down and see so many faces smiling because they are sitting at a café enjoying a wrap of some kind.

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Three Essentials to a Successful Business

The old saying, “If you love what you do you will not work a day in your life” has never been truer than when it comes to the world of BBQ and especially the business of BBQ. This passion has contributed to making BBQ one of the fastest growing cuisines in the United States. BBQ in its purest form, has been at the center of civilizations since the beginning of time and in this world of “retro cool” may be one of the reasons many are drawn to this cuisine.

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The Hotter, Longer and Cleaner Burn

Recently I was out cooking an alligator (I live in FL and it’s what I do) and decided I needed to do one of my Facebook Live Friday’s. I started off wanting to show everyone what I was up to with this cook while plugging some of the rubs I was using…

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