Chimney Cartel

What was born as a joke around a kitchen table in Seattle has begun to take team building to a whole new level. Take a simple starter chimney with a couple steaks and watch your team come together like never before. They will work together, learn about one another and have fun cooking a killer steak. In a fun creative way your team will be encouraged to explore new ideas, develop tools to become a mentor others need and most of all have a ton of fun. 

The Core Values of the Chimney Cartel


This is where you learn to discover something new. The unknown of trying new things can be scary but this is where you grow.


We all have gifts and experiences which allow us to be who we are. It’s here where we get to be a mentor to others.


Put simply, if you ain’t having fun then why do it? It’s time to get out there to do what you enjoy.