Vic Clevenger

Video Marketing Tips

Videos are hot stuff again these days. Sure, they’ve always been useful when trying to learn how to change a headlight in a car or properly cook a brisket. But during the stay at home orders in the different states, more and more are beginning to turn to videos and all they provide. 99% of marketers using video will continue to so throughout 2020. On top of this, 95% of these marketers expect to increase or maintain their current spend on video marketing. In terms of those marketers who are not currently using videos, 59% expect to start doing so this year and this was before the Corona virus.

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Three Essentials to a Successful Business

The old saying, “If you love what you do you will not work a day in your life” has never been truer than when it comes to the world of BBQ and especially the business of BBQ. This passion has contributed to making BBQ one of the fastest growing cuisines in the United States. BBQ in its purest form, has been at the center of civilizations since the beginning of time and in this world of “retro cool” may be one of the reasons many are drawn to this cuisine.

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It’s All About Having Fun

“If you enjoy what you do then you won’t work a day in your life.” We’ve all heard this old philosophical statement before in some way or another. It won’t matter the long hours, sleepless nights or even the sweat you put into the task at hand if you enjoy what you’re doing. Everything from woodworking to laying wire to sales, if it’s fun for you then it isn’t work. This is why there is so much emphasis placed on doing something you love which will result in loving the alarm clock rather than dreading it.

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