With COVID-19 running rampant, it seems like the food business is taking the brunt of the crisis. Business after business being told one day, they are to decrease capacity by 50% only to be told the next to shut down completely except for carry-out and delivery. It’s a struggle with no real end in sight. The Governor of Florida has put the kids on a virtual school trek until April 15th when he and his team will re-evaluate while Kansas has said the kids will not be returning. San Francisco has pretty much locked down the city and people all over the country are learning how to work from home with is something new. We are a hands on, active society in the United States, which has made this even more daunting to sit at home and “do nothing” it seems.

  1. Call Your Neighbors

With COVID-19 being so contagious some experts tell us it isn’t inconceivable most in America will contract this virus. At first, reports were the elderly were more likely to contract it leading to dire results especially when the epicenter was a nursing home outside of Seattle. More recently, reports are saying the young people, in their 20’s, are seeing an increase of cases, although the fatality rate is far below that of their grandparents.

Keeping this in mind and as long as we’re healthy, we should take a moment to check on those who are around us in our neighborhoods, especially the elderly. Although, let’s not forget the new young couple who just moved in across the street. If you don’t have phone numbers, leave a note so when they come out to check the mail, they know you’re checking on them (at a safe distance). For those who can’t easily get out, offer to pick up needed supplies or cook them something. This can be a time when we can all come together, truly being neighbors.

  1. Support Your Local Restaurants

In some areas the Governors have ordered all restaurants and bars to close for business, however in most cases they will still have carry-out, drive-thru or delivery services. Take this time to support those local eateries so they, like others, won’t have to close shop.

Pick a night and get creative with it. Choose a place still open where you’ve not eaten before. You can have theme nights or just order a pizza then put in a movie. Look at the different ways you can help the restaurants in your area. You’re going to eat anyway, why not take a night or two and order from a local restaurant then take it home.

  1. Self-Distance When You Go Out

There are a few places in which we will still need to go, such as grocery stores. In those cases, be mindful of your surroundings as you keep a reasonable distance between you and those around you. Sure, you’re not likely to have COVID-19 but someone out there may and just not be aware of it. If restaurants are still open for dine-in service in your areas, they have most likely taken care of the distancing issue be removing several tables. When you head to the store and standing in line take a few steps back from the person in front of you or use your cart to create distance.

  1. Quarantine as You Can

That’s a tough word, quarantine, but it’s one which has entered our everyday vocabulary. If we don’t need to go out to public areas, then we shouldn’t. This isn’t fun for those who are used to getting up every morning to go to work, the store, the gym or anywhere we want. But this is where we are at this time so, we might as well make the most of it. Enjoy your family, watch that TV series on Netflix you’ve been meaning to watch, read a book or write an old-fashioned letter. This will all be over soon, and you may come out of this with a new routine or hobby.

  1. Order Online from Small Businesses

Amazon has prepared us for a time like this. Honestly, I’m not sure if I know of anyone who hasn’t ordered something from there, especially if they have Amazon Prime (get it the next day). Many forgo Black Friday and just order Christmas online just do it again on Cyber Monday.

This has brought us to what we can do for businesses who offer a product on their website. There are a lot of small businesses who have online ordering so instead of making Amazon your first stop shop, try the small business. Companies have been doing this for some time but, at least for now, this may be their only way of staying afloat.

  1. Create Something

I know being “stuck” at the house isn’t ideal when you’d rather be at work, the mall or anywhere else for that matter. However, look at this as an opportunity to create something. Perhaps you can take this time to flesh out the idea you’ve had for a brand-new career doing what you love. Maybe you just want to do something new to the yard (I’m going to build a fire pit) or remodel a room in your house.

Successful people look at setbacks and failures as opportunities rather than bottomless pits from which there is no escape. Turn your self-isolation, or remote working into something new for you. Allow your creative juices to flow and you just may be surprised what you will have when its all done.

  1. Prepare for Things to Get Back to Normal

As with every other pandemic in the history of man, it will pass, and we’ll speak about it in the past tense.  Piggybacking on the previous tip, why not prepare for things to get back to a sense of normalcy. For the restaurants, bars and other establishments who’ve had to close during this time, plan to re-open in grand fashion. Although many businesses will be opening the same time, you can set yours apart from the others by having a celebration, just like you did all those years ago when you first opened your doors.

Rest assured all of this will be over, hopefully sooner than later, but until then we’ll need to do our part to ensure the safe return to our way of life.